Today, we're talking about everyone’s favorite subject: TAXES (and how Gilded can help).

Your company is deep down the web3 rabbit hole. You added every single crypto transaction to Gilded. You even triple-checked to make sure each transaction is accurate and classified correctly.

But you still need to calculate your capital gains & losses from last year. And until now, you needed to do so outside of the Gilded app.

Well, now we have a solution for you. We’re excited to introduce:

🎉 Cost Basis & Gain/Loss Reporting 🎉

You can officially export a FIFO report directly from the Gilded app with just a few clicks.

Let’s dive in to see how it works.

📒 How to calculate your Cost Basis with Gilded

Cost Basis Export

It’s simple to calculate your cost basis with Gilded. All you need to do is run a FIFO tax report and receive your capital gains / loss in a CSV.

Now, there’s no need to create your reports outside of Gilded. And you can finally stop worrying about your company's crypto taxes.

So how does it work?

Click on Filters in the top right corner of the Activity page. Then, click on the Export tab. Next, click “FIFO Report in CSV Format” at the bottom of the screen and the report will show up in the Reports tab.

That's it! Sign up today and upgrade to our Pro plan to run your first Cost Basis report.

Learn more about Cost Basis

👨‍🍳 What else is cooking

Here are some other nuggets we want to share:

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