Gilded’s Mass Pay allows you to pay up to five hundred recipients in a single transaction—cutting processing time, reducing gas fees, and creating a reliable, scalable payout process.

If you’re in charge of dispatching crypto payments for your team, you’ve no doubt discovered how tedious, cumbersome, and costly it can be.

Plus, it's difficult to integrate transaction details back into your accounting platforms, like QuickBooks, Xero or NetSuite.

So, we created a seamless system to allow you to send up to hundreds of crypto payments at once.

Salaries, commissions, bounties, or any other type of recipients – all in a single, initiated transaction.

And you’ll create a replicable, easy process to produce financial statements your accounting system.  

So, you cut down on transaction time, have a single source of truth, and gain a reliable trail of transaction details.



Sending bounties, commissions, vendor payments, and employee payrolls in crypto is more common than ever.

However, the more crypto payouts you make, the harder it becomes to scale. Not just in terms of time—but also in terms of risk.

Each payout requires:

  • Tracking down the payee’s wallet address
  • Calculating the exchange rate
  • Signing a transaction
  • Waiting for it to confirm on the blockchain
  • Recording the transaction hash
  • Sending an email notification to the recipient

This can easily take 5-10 minutes per recipient—which definitely doesn’t scale when volume grows to dozens or hundreds of recipients.

And with each new transaction, the risk of copying something incorrectly, or sending the wrong amount, will grow.


Your problems are solved with Crypto Mass Pay.

You can use our Crypto Mass Pay Solution to simplify and speed up your process, pay up to 500 recipients in a single transaction and cut gas fees (~ 40-60%).

You’ll be able to pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum, major stablecoins like DAI, TUSD, USDC, USDT, and any other ERC-20 tokens.

You’ll also get a non-custodial solution that is compatible with MetaMask and Gnosis Safe.

With Crypto Mass Pay, here’s what you can do:

  • Pay up to 500 recipients in a single Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction
  • Pay with major stablecoins like DAI, TUSD, USDC and USDT
  • Pay with Web3 wallets like MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor & Gnosis Safe
  • Optionally enable Know Your Customer (KYC) verification
  • Optionally enable Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification
  • Optionally direct the 0.5% Gilded processing fee to recipient-paid as their expense.

With Crypto Mass Pay, your process is simple:

  • Upload a CSV with payee wallet address and details
  • Choose your currency
  • Preview payments for each payee
  • Payee receives an email notification once payment is complete
  • Sync transactions to QuickBooks and Xero

Now your process scales from 5 minutes per transaction, to 5 minutes period.

Consider adding Crypto Mass Pay to your solutions. You’ll speed up your crypto payout process, save money and simplify your accounting system integration.

Life’s too hectic and short to be grinding away on managing wallet addresses, calculating exchange rates, tracking blockchain confirmations, and manually sending notification emails.