What defines an organization are its people.

Each person carries his or her own individual virtues and qualities, molded by their unique environment and experiences.

In an organization, people rally together to pursue a common goal. While the end goal may be crystal clear, the path to get there is not always well defined.

At Gilded, we have a core belief and a crystal clear goal:

Cryptocurrency is more than just a new method of payment.

By removing barriers and creating a more cooperative global workforce, cryptocurrency will create network effects that lead the world into a whole new era of abundance.

Gilded will relentlessly pursue this goal by crafting an experience that entices organizations to adopt cryptocurrency as a primary form of commerce.

But how do we get there? What additional beliefs and aspirations does our team need to follow in order to realize our vision? We believe it comes down to a few key principles:

Design Matters

We are not a technology company, but a design company. To succeed we must design a world where organizations wish to transact in cryptocurrency.

It's easy to think of design as user interface: the colors, images, and fonts that make up a product's interface and marketing material. Yet this is only one small facet of design.

Great design must be found in:

  • The resources we create to educate our audience about cryptocurrency.
  • The financial tools and techniques we develop to make it easy for existing organizations to comply with government regulations, while also enabling new types of organizations to benefit from the opportunities that cryptocurrency enables.
  • The research we perform, the code we write, the documents we create, and the conversations we have.

Great design means relentless attention to detail.

In short, we must always sweat the details.

Security Matters

Murphy's Law states anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Security by obscurity is not the answer. Treat every possible attack vector as one that could be exploited today.

If “move fast and break things” is the startup mantra worshipped by a previous generation, then “move slow and protect things” is a better fit for the generation of cryptocurrency.

Organizations will only feel safe becoming their own bank if the risk of losing funds is neutralized.

Make Fiat On-Ramps A One-Way Street

Gilded occupies a world where fiat is the dominant form of currency. We acknowledge this fact while also relentlessly pursuing a vision where cryptocurrency becomes the norm.

While we strive to make it as easy as possible to move money into cryptocurrency, making it easy to move funds back into fiat currency is not our priority. Volatility can be solved with stablecoins.

However, the transition to cryptocurrency must not be abrupt. Organizations will require a harmonious balance between fiat and crypto. Our mission is to blend the two elegantly into a practical solution.

Today’s Companies - Tomorrow’s Digital Corporations

Given the right tools and technology, the nature of organizations will change.

Just as the groundbreaking rise of freelancers and remote workers came about through technological breakthroughs, so will companies become more decentralized and autonomous.

Gilded will help innovate the financial and legal structures of tomorrow’s organizations.

Communication Is The One Key Thing

Virtual teams, users around the world, messages, chats, posts, logs, calls, visits. It is now easier to reach someone than ever before, but quality communication is elusive.

When internal ideas become external conversations, it pays to be clear. The more effectively you can share your activities, goals, and dreams, the easier it becomes to collaborate with others in a meaningful way.


This is a living document. An ever-evolving manifesto shaping our team and the way we interact with the world. This is our belief system, the beacon guiding our way.