What's better than getting paid?

Getting paid in cryptocurrency 🤗

With Gilded Invoices, you can send a regular 'ole invoice--but instead of a credit card, your client can pay you in:


Gilded is designed to be strikingly simple. Is this the first time your client has used crypto? No problem. We'll walk them through signing up for a Coinbase account and using it to pay the invoice.

The payment goes directly to your wallet, no intermediaries or merchant fees. With Gilded you can send an invoice and get paid instantly, anywhere in the world ❤️

Step 1: Sign up


Pick a unique username. Your name and business name will be displayed on all invoices sent. In the future, users will be able to add their businesses logo.


Step 2: Add your crypto wallets

You'll need to have a crypto wallet before you can receive payments. Gilded is a non-custodial solution. We do not touch your funds, nor to we provide a wallet. The good news is there are heaps of amazing options. Here are a few we recommend:


  • Coinbase (easiest)
  • Exodus (desktop)
  • MyEtherWallet (advanced Ethereum)
  • Nanovault (to accept Nano)


  • Coinbase (easiest)
  • BRD (also very easy)
  • Blockchain (advanced)

Hardware (advanced)

  • Ledger NANO S
  • Trezor
  • Keepkey

Many of these wallets hold multiple cryptocurrencies, but some might only accept one. It's up to you which coins you choose to accept and whether you accept more than one (HINT: Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular).

Learn more about wallets on the Gilded Blog: The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets for Business

Super important: When you create your wallet, you'll be asked to save your private key, also referred to as your seed phrase.

Never, ever share your private key with anyone.
Always keep in mind that your private key is the key to your kingdom.

Now that you have a wallet, copy your public address. The public address is a long string of letters and numbers that identifies your wallet. You can think of it like a bank account number.

For example, a Bitcoin public address looks like this:


And an Ethereum public address looks like this:


Look for your public address under the Receive tab of your wallet app.

Now click Add Wallet, select the currency of your wallet, and paste in the public address. Boom!


Step 3: Create an invoice

Now for the fun part. Let's start thinking about getting paid 😸

Click the Send & Request tab at the top of the screen, then New Payment. You'll have 2 choices, Send Payment and Request Payment. To send an invoice, click Request Payment.


Since this is your first time sending an invoice, you won't have contacts to choose from. Click Add New Contact on the drop down, and enter the name and email for your contact.
The coin address is only needed to send payments, not invoices.

Next click Go to payment method at the bottom.

To keep things simple, choose Address & QR Code and begin filling out the invoice details.

Under Choose a Currency, selecting USD, EUR, CAD or AUD allows you to price the invoice in your local currency. The conversion to crypto happens at time of payment to lessen your exposure to volatility.

[Local currency]

Next choose which currency you would like to receive as payment. Choose the coin you entered in your first step (BTC, ETH, etc.)

Next, enter in the line item or items to include on your invoice. Under Unit Price enter the amount of each line item in the currency you chose above (USD, EUR, CAD, AUD)

Verify the total amount

Step 4: Send the invoice

Both you and your customer will receive an email notification of the invoice. When your customer pays the invoice, you will again receive notification.

UPDATE: You can now choose Request Network and see your paid invoices on the Blockchain. We're currently in Public Beta, so you can try it out free of charge using Ethereum and Metamask

Please keep in mind...We're still working out the bugs, so feedback is crucial. Choose the Intercom widget to report any bugs, or make suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

Step 5: Profit

The benefits of cryptocurrency in business are numerous.

Getting paid in crypto just saved you...

  1. Credit Card Processing Fees
  2. Transaction Fees (Only the sender pays a small transaction fee)
  3. Potential Fraud Chargebacks (No chargebacks in crypto, EVER)

And most importantly...Your money is available nearly INSTANTLY!! No more waiting for bank settlements!