It’s no secret: the most successful crypto companies in the world have a solid grasp on their finances.

It’s the unsexy, yet crucial, aspect of running your business.

But have you ever visualized your organization’s crypto data? What about unifying your wallets’ history in one snapshot? If you have tried, you know it’s near impossible. And thousands of web3 business leaders are facing the same issue.

So where do you go to pull this data in one place?

We’re excited to introduce Gilded’s Dashboard. It enables you to visually analyze your company’s crypto transactions across every wallet or exchange. It’s a radical improvement that speeds up analysis and provides insights to grow your business.

Let's take a closer look at why you would need the Dashboard and how it works.

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Why use the Financial Dashboard?

Crypto transaction data can be magical. Block explorers like Etherscan give you a treasure trove of useful data about your company’s finances. And the transparency of the blockchain fundamentally transforms how we view and analyze our financial information.

But still, making sense of this data is a nightmare for accountants and operators. Matters get even worse when you have a bunch of wallets to track.

Want to pull an accurate report of your Q1 expenses from Etherscan? No shot. What about tracking gas fees? Get outta here. Seeing charts or graphs of this data? FUHGEDDABOUDIT.

Well, that is, until now…

How does the Dashboard work?

Gilded's Dashboard enables you to see a bird’s eye view of your crypto data.

Our engineers crafted a way for you to visualize every single crypto transaction down to the last gas fee. See your total balances by wallet and by asset. See your outstanding invoices and bills. You can even manipulate the data for whatever time period, wallet, or counter-party you want to analyze.

Get the data you need for everything from financial reporting and taxes to investor updates and brand partner transparency.

It’s never been easier to paint a picture of your entire financial back office. Let us bring the magic back to your crypto data, and you can focus on what you do best.

The Dashboard is now available for all Pro users. Sign up and upgrade to never miss a beat on your crypto data again.