Calling all Kraken users — this one's for you.

As the fourth biggest CEX in the world, Kraken needs no introduction. Thousands of businesses across the globe use Kraken to buy, sell, and hold a variety of cryptocurrencies. Now, accounting for your Kraken transactions with Gilded just got a whole lot easier.

Today we're happy to offer advanced syncing functionality to our Kraken users.

With our new Kraken integration, you’ll be able to:

  • View your Kraken transactions on Gilded in real-time
  • See your balances from the Accounts view — everything in one place!
  • Sync Kraken transactions from Gilded to QuickBooks Online

Connecting your Kraken account with Gilded takes only a few minutes.

Add your Kraken account to Gilded to sync Kraken transactions to your accounting software

Just add your Kraken API key* to Gilded under the Accounts tab and we'll automatically populate your Kraken transactions in your Gilded dashboard. View, classify, and sync your crypto transactions to QuickBooks Online in a few clicks.


*Adding your Kraken API grants Gilded "read only" permissions. At no time does this give us access to your funds.

Gilded's crypto accounting software makes it easy to sync your transactions to QuickBooks Online

Kraken sync is available to all Gilded users with a paid subscription.

Need detailed instructions? Here's how to view your Kraken transactions in Gilded.

Want to see how Gilded can simplify crypto operations for your organization? Request a demo now →

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