We've been hard at work on our mission to help businesses thrive in web3. And now, we have BIG news to share about new Gilded features.

Here's what Gilded has been cooking up:

  • ⛓️ New blockchain integrations: Track transactions from BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ronin wallets
  • 💪 Visual improvements: Get a better summary of transactions through our more intuitive Activity view
  • Transfer detection: Automatically detect and classify internal transfers between your on-chain wallets and exchanges
  • 📒 xPub Support: Account for bitcoin transactions in xPub wallets
  • 🌎 Bitcoin Mass Pay: Pay your team in BTC with Mass Pay
  • 👀 Sneak peek of what's next

Let's take a closer at each update.

⛓️ Track transactions from BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ronin wallets

Does your business use Binance Smart Chain, Ronin, or Polygon? You can now add your wallet and get accounting-grade data for any of these blockchains.

To upload and sync their transactions, visit Accounts →  Input Address, and then select which blockchain. Add the wallet address, and Gilded will begin syncing transactions to your Activity page.


💪 Get a better summary of transactions through a more intuitive Activity view

Finding it difficult to track your gas fees on Ethereum? Check out our enhanced Activity page. Along with a wider and more user-friendly Activity view, you can see gas fees in their own column for each transaction. This makes it much easier to see the most important data at a glance.

⚡ Automatically classify + detect internal transfers

Gilded will automatically classify and detect transfers between your on-chain wallets and exchanges. It also allows you to track transfer fees for proper tax treatment. Soon, you will be able to mark cross-chain transfers too.


🙏 Account for Bitcoin transactions in xPub wallets

You can track your xPub transactions on Bitcoin. When adding xPub transactions, click “bitcoin” while adding a new account in the Accounts module. Next, add your xPub address under “HD Wallet Address” and you’re ready to go. Next up, you'll have the ability to account for Y and Z pubs too.

🌎 Pay your team in BTC with Mass Pay

If you’re paying employees in bitcoin or giving bitcoin bonuses, then BTC Mass Pay is the tool for you. Send bitcoin payments to up to 500 addresses in one batch transaction. It saves you a ton of time and effort versus sending each bitcoin transaction one-by-one. The tool also updates each recipient with an email of receipt.

Using Ethereum for payments? We also support Mass Pay in ETH and ERC-20 tokens.

🔎 We’re Hiring!

Along with exciting updates to the product, the Gilded team has gained a lot of new faces over the last several months. We’ve added 8 new teammates across the entire country to help scale the company in all aspects. And the best part: we’re still hiring!

Check out our roles across engineering, sales, product, and marketing. Apply if you want to play a pivotal role in the future of crypto for businesses, with the option to get paid 100% in crypto.

Check out our open roles

👀 What’s Next @ Gilded

We have a LOT more on the way soon to help web3 businesses scale. So what’s up next?

  • 🤓 Cost basis and gain/loss reporting
  • 🔗 New blockchain and exchange integrations
  • 📊 NFT marketplace royalty reporting with NFTOPS
  • 🎈 And some other surprises coming soon :)

A lot of cool things are being built, and we can't wait to share everything with you!