NFTs are hotter than ever, hitting a record-high transaction volume of $10.7 billion in Q3 2021, up 700% from the previous quarter.

While NFT marketplaces are recording historic profits, the unique complexity of NFT transactions — royalties, revenue splits, multiple payment channels — is a challenge for rapidly scaling platforms.

That’s why we’re launching NFTOPS: The first revenue operations platform designed specifically for NFT marketplaces.

Measure performance, track royalties, and deliver comprehensive reports to stakeholders, artists, and collectors

Gilded NFTOPS is a one-stop financial reporting solution for growing NFT platforms.

We’ve developed a marketplace-specific set of modules to track financial performance, including revenue tracking, collection metrics by asset and artist, royalty payments, and revenue share. NFTOPS customers will gain access to full-featured accounting tools and powerful APIs for custom integrations that simplify operations, streamline reporting, and produce tax-ready data.

Enjoy a 360-degree view of your marketplace performance with Gilded's NFTOPS

It’s increasingly clear that everything of value will be tokenized. NFT marketplaces and their users need robust financial reporting, performance analysis, and the peace of mind that they are compliance-ready.

We empower NFT platforms to do it all: focusing on innovation while providing the financial insights that marketplace participants demand. We're proud to present NFTOPS as the first solution of its kind.

NFTOPS is launching in collaboration with initial marketplace partners including Draftly, Culture Vault, Iconic Moments, Swappable, Mint Gold Dust, and Nifty’s.

Gilded NFT partner cocoNFT — an upcoming platform for tokenizing Instagram posts — will be using NFTOPS to manage their finances.

“When we made the decision to build an NFT platform, our primary vision was to empower creators with blockchain technology. But from a business standpoint, we recognize the importance of accurate, complete financial information for both our company and our users. On-chain data is a minefield. With NFTOPS in our arsenal, we couldn’t be more excited for our launch.” —Reid Robinson, CEO and Co-founder of cocoNFT

Compliance-ready data at your fingertips

Data transparency has never been more critical, especially in high-growth industries with ever-changing regulatory landscapes. With stricter reporting requirements looming, platforms that make the leap to a compliance-first mindset will gain a competitive advantage.

NFTOPS customers will be able to generate auditable financial statements for platform users, internal accounting purposes, external stakeholders, and regulatory agencies.

Keep your finance team happy

Where is revenue coming in from? Where does it go? Where does it sleep at night? NFTOPS knows, and it'll tell you.

Gilded is the industry leader in crypto accounting software. With NFTOPS, you'll be able to track corporate wallets, pay vendors, and sync transactions with QuickBooks and Xero. Stay up to speed with embeddable charts, income statements, and sales receipts.

Our optional Compass feature is the most advanced crypto accounting tool on the market, giving you the power to precisely map out how your crypto wallets sync to the general ledger. The more you use Compass, the more efficient your reconciliation process becomes.

Who is NFTOPS for?

Gilded's NFTOPS is an enterprise solution for NFT platforms.

What can you do with NFTOPS?

With the introduction of NFTOPS, NFT marketplaces will have access to a full set of features to support their growth:

  • A financial dashboard with real-time insights into NFT sales, activity on primary and secondary markets, platform revenue, trending collections, and more
  • The ability to track all corporate wallets, pay vendors, and sync transactions with leading accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero
  • Reconciliation for both credit card payments and on-chain sales for consolidated financial reporting by asset, collection, and payment type
  • No-code solutions for generating auditable financial statements for artists, licensors, rights holders, and collectors


What blockchains does NFTOPS support?

We support Ethereum, Polygon, and Palm. Contact us for details if you are looking for a different blockchain or L2.

What off-chain data sources does NFTOPS support?

With our universal import tool, you can import transactions via CSV from any source, including credit card processors like Stripe.

Can NFTOPS support custom workflows and smart contracts?

Yes, we can! Most NFTOPS customers have custom requirements. During the onboarding process, we will work with you to integrate your smart contracts and workflows.

What about taxes?

NFT tax support is launching soon.

I'm an artist/collector. Can you help me?

Yes, soon. We're developing revenue tracking and crypto finance tools for artists and collectors. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

If you'd like to join the waitlist for NFTOPS, request a demo.

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