Happy Fall!

With another wild crypto summer in the books, the Gilded team has been hard at work developing new features, making product enhancements, and more.

Here's a look at what we've been up to...

Introducing Compass 🧭

The Most Advanced Crypto <> QuickBooks Integration on the Market

Got lots of crypto transactions? Your accounting team is going to be very happy.

Compass takes crypto accounting functionality to a whole new level by giving you the power to precisely map how your crypto wallets sync to the general ledger. The more you use Compass, the more efficient your reconciliation process becomes.

"Compass is a game changer. Here at Gitcoin, we have a variety of cryptocurrency transactions. Having the ability to map each transaction to the correct GL Accounts in QuickBooks is a huge time saver. No more reclasses and journal entries!"

—Samantha Ulrich, Accounting Manager at Gitcoin

Learn more about Compass and schedule a demo to see it in action.

🎈 Our Polygon Beta is Live

You asked for additional blockchain support — it's here! Our Polygon beta is officially live today. Now, you can easily start tracking Polygon transactions and revenue on Gilded.

Want early access to full Polygon functionality? Spots are limited, so book your demo now.

✍️  Mark Invoices as Paid

Received an invoice payment outside of Gilded? Now you can manually mark invoices as paid and even record the details of the payment method.

💼  Expanded Contact Profiles

Add EIN or VAT identification numbers and Customer ID numbers to your Contact Profiles for continuity across multiple applications.

💲 Invoice Upgrade: Adding Discounts + Credits

You can now add line items with a negative price in order to apply discounts and credits.

What else?

🇿🇦 Added support for the South African Rand (ZAR) as a base currency in the Gilded app. Price invoices in ZAR, get paid in crypto, and new users can choose ZAR as a base currency for accounting.

🟢 $USDT support for Mass Pay: Pay your contractors & vendors in Tether (USDT) with Mass Pay.

💵 $PAX has been rebranded to $USDP (Pax Dollar). Now available in Invoicing and Bill Payment.

What's Cooking at Gilded 🧑‍🍳

We've got lots of cool things on the menu for the rest of 2021. Here’s a sneak peek at what's launching soon.

⛓️ Polygon, Binance SmartChain, and Palm: Add wallets to Gilded, view balances, sort, and filter transactions, and sync to QuickBooks.

🌐 Universal Transaction Import: Need to import transactions from a blockchain or exchange that Gilded does not yet natively support? Our upcoming CSV import tool makes it super easy to get data from any source.

🔒 Gnosis Safe Payments: While Gilded already has accounting-grade data for Gnosis Safe transactions, this enhancement will allow Gnosis Safe users to issue bulk payments using Gilded Mass Pay.

👾 NFT Marketplace Tools: Revenue and royalty reporting for on-chain marketplaces, off-chain payments, artist data, and more.


Essential reading + listening 📚

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We ❤️ hearing from you. Got questions, feedback, or thoughts on what you’d like to see next? Reach out on Twitter or send us a line.

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