Three months ago, we announced our CSO (Continuous Security Offering)—a revolutionary way for companies to accept investors on an ongoing basis. This means that stakeholders who believe in Gilded's mission are able to acquire a stake in our company at any time and directly benefit from our success.

We've just crossed a huge milestone: over $500,000 invested in $GFi, raised by our customers, supporters, and community.

The most incredible thing that we've observed throughout this process is that the majority of investments we've received through our $GFi offering have come directly from our customers. We're seeing people who are using our product every day, who understand the problem that problem that we're solving, gain unprecedented access to Gilded at an early stage and tangibly contribute to our growth. That's enormous.

With the support of our community, we've been able to achieve an incredible amount of momentum so far this year:

  • Grew website traffic 10x
  • Grew demo bookings through our website 50%
  • Grew revenue 50% month over month in Q1
  • Processed more crypto payments in Q1 2021 than all of 2020

Here's a chart illustrating the insane growth of our crypto payment volume:


Early investors secured $GFi at the best possible price of $5. Beginning at the $500k threshold, each new investment increases the price of $GFi. As of right now, the $GFi price is $5.03.


$GFi Investment Portal

Our CSO is ongoing—there's still time to be a part of Gilded at an early stage. Acquiring $GFi is a simple, three part process:

  • Sign up for access
  • Verify your identity
  • Fund your account and acquire a stake in Gilded

If you’re located in the United States, you must be an accredited investor to sign up.

→ Get started here:

What’s a CSO?

The Continuous Security Offering (CSO) is a revolutionary fundraising model that enables supporters who believe in our company’s mission to invest at any time. The investment is made through a CAFE agreement.

What’s a CAFE?

A CAFE is a Continuous Agreement for Future Equity. It allows investors to make cash investments in exchange for digital tokens which, subject to applicable laws and restrictions, may be transferred or converted in connection with a specific event. A CAFE is not a debt instrument, but is intended to be an improvement over traditional convertible notes and SAFE agreements.

Learn more about CSO and CAFE on our partner Fairmint’s blog:

The Gilded Vision

Gilded believes that the future of finance is global, open, and powered by blockchain. Gilded's invoicing, payment, and accounting software helps businesses get paid faster and more transparently, with dramatically lower fees.

Gilded is making blockchain technology accessible to businesses, bridging the gap between digital currency and the most popular tools and workflows.

By removing barriers and creating a more inclusive global workforce, digital currency is creating network effects that will reshape the future of work. We won’t stop until global commerce is open, equitable, and abundant.

Backed by Techstars and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Gilded is facilitating millions of dollars in payments for the blockchain industry’s biggest companies.